We’re more than a gym.

Located in East Greenwich, we’re about small classes, personal attention, and helping you transform your body, take control of your fitness, and feel more confident.

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Small Group Classes, Personal Fitness Plans

We’re a fitness center in East Greenwich run by supportive group of trainers who want to help you reach your fitness goals. In our facility you won’t find machines or crowded classes where you struggle to follow along. We have scheduled classes 6 days a week where you will learn how to workout without injury while building muscle, loosing fat, and feeling good. You will always get personal attention from our coaches who will guide you on each exercise and help you track your progress. See why our students love us!


“The place has saved my life and now it is helping me change my life for the better. The beauty of TFW West Bay is that it is a place for everyone. If you are in the worst shape of your life or the best shape of your life or anywhere in between, there are modifications for everything we do (easier or going pro) and there is no judgement, just support.”

Mike G

East Greenwich

Locally Owned

Our goal is to take you from where you are currently, motivate and inspire you to get to where you want to go. We won’t just tell you what to do, we will provide guidance, accountability, and support throughout your entire fitness journey. THAT IS COACHING!

Watching our members improve their health and fitness by showing them that it is possible to have fun integrating more activity and better food choices into their daily lives has been an incredibly rewarding experience.

We hope you’ll join us at TFW West Bay and become part of our Familia!

Neil and Carrie

Personal training results at a fraction of the price!

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Use this form to set up a free consultation coach Neil or Carrie. We want to find out about your personal health goals, your history with fitness, and answer any of your questions about us or our program.

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Where is TFW West Bay?

1950 S. County Trail, East Greenwich, RI 02852

Our facility is conveniently located 5 minutes off route 95, and less than 3 minutes off route 4.