Meet TFW West Bay Warrior Carolyn!
This woman is ON FIRE! Carolyn is down 6% body fat and when she’s not making chin-ups look easy, she’s inspiring her fellow Warriors!

Carolyn came to TFW one year ago and it has changed her for the better. Like many of us, Carolyn’s daily schedule is JAM PACKED but she has changed how she schedules her time. Her results are a direct reflection of how she has learned to schedule just 4 hours a week that are for HER to work to become the best version of herself. Here is Carolyn’s story:

Carolyn by her own admission has never been a serious athlete but she has always been very active. Upon entering her 50s she realized that what she was doing was not enough to keep her body feeling the way she wanted. 

I’ve always been reasonably active, while exercising for the sake of exercising was never really my thing, skiing, tennis, yoga, hiking and walking all seemed to keep me reasonably fit. Until they didn’t anymore.

I entered my 50s and realized that my level of activity was no longer going to suffice if I was going to look and feel the way I wanted to. I needed to step up my game. I was genuinely surprised at how quickly I started to feel better – not just physically but mentally too. With family obligations, making time for myself hasn’t always been easy. That’s why it was so important for me to start putting my workouts into my calendar in advance of every week. I’m a busy enough person that I live by my calendar, so when it tells me it’s time to go work out, I just do it! 🔥🔥🔥

I feel better, stronger, and mentally sharper than I have in more than 15 years.

I can’t overstate what an amazing impact it has had on me to have such caring, motivating and attentive coaches, and an incredibly supportive workout community. I feel constantly challenged to be the best that I can be. TFW has empowered me to take control over my health and my life, and the results I’m achieving keep me coming back for more.

If you are struggling to get your fitness back, if you just want to FEEL better, we can help!