Pushing Past Challenges and Getting STRONGER!

Chris has a pretty strong WHY for joining TFW West Bay. She lives with chronic pain in her low back and hips from scoliosis, in addition, she was recently diagnosed with osteopenia, bordering on osteoporosis. Her doctor told her that typically, he doesn’t see bone density test numbers as high as hers in someone Chris’ age (she’s only 50). It is hereditary, Chris has watched her mother battle the effects of osteoporosis, such as breaking her leg bone, for some time now.

Chris wanted to start taking better care of herself but it was important she find a program that respected and understood that there are movements that are good for her and movements that aggravate her pain.

Here’s her story in her own words:

I’d been to another gyms off and on for the past few years and I didn’t get much from it. I found all the equipment kind of boring and the routine predictable. In the 90s I did aerobics, but quickly realized the high impact wasn’t for me. I’ve also done some at-home exercise videos, which I had some success with, but eventually stopped because I have never been able to stick with any exercise routine, and I think that is because I am a person who needs encouragement and accountability. Also, I have chronic pain in my low back and hips from scoliosis. I don’t like to limit myself, but I also know for sure there are movements that are good for me and movements that aggravate the pain, so it was important to find a program that respected and understood that.  

Too many things were piling up and I knew I had to make a change if I wanted to maintain good health with age. Right before coming to TFW West Bay, I was diagnosed with osteopenia, bordering on osteoporosis, and the doctor said they usually don’t find numbers that high in someone my age (I’m 50). It’s hereditary. I’d been feeling some age-related weakness and other symptoms that made me want to start taking better care of myself. I also have been feeling a worsening of the effects of the scoliosis in recent years.

After I got to TFW, I had had a huge change in mindset regarding what I am personally capable of doing. Before TFW, I wasn’t very good at sticking with any exercise routine. A big concern when I first started was that I wouldn’t follow through. I quickly learned that accountability is built into the TFW format. It’s fun to be at the Dojo. I’m with new friends and we all encourage each other to do our best and we celebrate our accomplishments together. The coaches put in a lot of effort to modify the exercises for every person that comes in, whatever it may be. This personal attention changed my mind about what exercise can be. TFW West Bay is about getting the help and encouragement YOU need for YOUR body, learning what YOUR body can do, and building from there.

How I feel now? I feel… like I’ve learned so much about myself in 6 months. I know that chronic pain will always be a part of my life, but I am learning to make my body stronger and healthier despite it. The pain feels different now because I know I’m being productive with it, instead of just sitting with it. That has made a huge difference in my perspective. I’m capable of way more than I thought I was, I also feel confident and proud that I can stick with my new habits.

I love the program! It’s definitely working for me mainly because of the coaching. Neil and Carrie have the vast knowledge and experience to coach effectively and safely. Since day one I have been super impressed with their specific understanding about the mechanics of the human body, and it is the number one reason why I chose to stay with TFW. Number two, the individual attention, encouragement and education I get from them, and the camaraderie I have with my friends at TFW. It’s great to give support to others and to feel supported in return.

My advice to anyone who may be thinking about starting? I have been a licensed massage therapist for 12 years. Some clients come to me for rest and relaxation, but most come for help to ease their chronic pain, so I can speak to that. Pain is a very personal thing. We have varying thresholds and are in pain for many different reasons. Through my experiences and observations with pain as it might result from the effects of a sedentary lifestyle and poor nutrition, I would encourage a person to examine the root cause of their issues and not just how they’re trying to fix the symptoms. Having someone help identify needs, set goals and educate on how to make productive lifestyle changes are great steps toward reducing or eliminating pain naturally. I can speak to how empowering it is to take control of yourself in that way. It is true that some root causes of pain cannot be changed, mine included. But it’s not impossible to take matters into your own hands to do the absolute best you can for yourself. I would rather be in pain doing something about it, than be in pain because I’m doing nothing about it.

Chris is incredibly consistent, determined and she’s making huge progress! Working with her coaches, she’s getting stronger and experiencing improvements in her every day life outside the Dojo. We are so proud of all she has accomplished! 

Keep up the hard work Chris!

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