At the time Von joined us he was in-between gyms and had not been in a training routine for 8-10 months. In general, Von was experiencing a lack of energy, poor body composition, and an overall lack of self esteem. He realized he needed to try something different than his previous gym routine, which consisted of lifting some weights and going home.

When Von started at TFW West Bay, he wasn’t coming straight off the couch, his job keeps him active and exercise has been a relatively routine part of his life.

Von had some previous injuries which had been an issue and he needed some guidance. He needed a Coach to hold him accountable! Enter TFW West Bay. Since joining TFW West Bay, Von is much leaner than ever before.

When he started with us he was at 25.3% body fat now is at 14.7% that’s a total of 10.6% body fat lost!

In fact, he says he’s stronger at 57 years old than he was when he was 30!

“I automatically make healthier life choices now because of my coaches and fellow warriors and I feel great!”

Von’s advice to anyone coming into the TFW Familia:

  1. Come to class consistently
  2. Listen to your coaches
  3. Hydrate

Sometimes it can be from mastering the simplest things that allow you to achieve the greatest results.

In the TFW West Bay dojo, training isn’t always about setting new personal records, although they continue to be broken. Learning to listen to your body and respond accordingly with the help of your coaches will keep you on the path to success.

We are so proud every one of Von’s accomplishments and always amazed at the inspiration and motivation he brings to his fellow Warriors in and out of the TFW West Bay dojo!
If you’d like to be part of a super motivated and inspirational group of adults call us at (401) 644-7909 or email