Transform Your Body at TFW West Bay

This isn’t just joining a gym.

TFW West Bay is a results driven fitness program that will help you transform your body, take control of your fitness, and feel more confident. Every sessions (at convenient times 6 days a week) is led by one of our trained coaches. Our coaches will with with you to achieve your personal goals.

We take you from where you are now to where you want to be. At TFW we welcome any fitness level. All you need is the desire to lose fat, build muscle, and feel good!

Ready to Join?

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1. Schedule your consultation

Call or email us to schedule a consultation with Neil or Carrie. We want to find out about your personal health goals, your history with fitness, and answer any of your questions about us or our program.
(401) 644-790

2. We'll make a plan together

After learning about you, we will set up a personal fitness plan to help you achieve your goals. We will suggest a training schedule and walk you through the program to get you comfortable with everything. This is a exciting time, so get ready for a lot of high fives!

3. Let's Get After It!

We call our members a Familia (or ‘family’) for a reason. Our small group classes are a positive, supportive environment where we challenge each other to be the best we can be. Get ready for a great training experience you’ll actually look forward to!

Student Transformations

(You Could Be Next!)

Christine’s Transformation

Pushing Past Challenges and Getting STRONGER! Chris has a pretty strong WHY for joining TFW West Bay. She lives with chronic pain in her low back and hips from scoliosis, in addition, she was recently diagnosed with osteopenia, bordering on osteoporosis. Her doctor...

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Rick’s Amazing Transformation!

  Rick has made quite an amazing transformation.  Prior to joining TFW West Bay, Rick realized he was at significant risk for some serious health problems. After seeing that picture of himself on the left at his heaviest, 355 pounds, he decided he had enough and took...

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Fitness Transformation: No More Wasted Gym Hours

At the time Von joined us he was in-between gyms and had not been in a training routine for 8-10 months. In general, Von was experiencing a lack of energy, poor body composition, and an overall lack of self esteem. He realized he needed to try something different than...

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