It’s incredible how a few small adjustments can lead to AMAZING RESULTS!

Jen is active and fierce, you name an obstacle course race, a 5K, a bike race, a hike – she has done it or it is on her agenda to do it AGAIN! Lunch break? She’s walking or jogging. Time off? She’s got a hike planned, a kayaking adventure to set out on, or a race to compete in. Jen is also very conscientious when comes to what foods she chooses to fuel her body.

But it wasn’t always this way…

Initially, a sedentary, stressful job that drained her energy and kept her eating on the go had left her overweight and not at the fitness level she desired. Jen wanted the strength and endurance to run obstacle course and other races, hike, and get back to the weight she was when she met her husband.

When she started the Training For Warriors program, she was relatively new to strength training and her endurance was low. Slowly, with the help of her coaches, she learned proper lifting techniques and each week, she found her endurance improved. “Coach Neil was very supportive and I needed this type of training to be able to enjoy the outdoors and races without having to stop to catch my breath.” As her technique and performance improved, her RESULTS began to follow.

Jen was consistent with her training and making progress but she still wanted greater gains. With the help of her coaches, she started taking a closer look at her nutrition. A few subtle adjustments and, to date, she has lost more than 5% body fat in less than 3 months!

This girl is UNSTOPPABLE! Jen is continuing to make amazing strength gains and she’s having a blast doing it. We are so PROUD of her progress and we know she will experience many more physical achievements and continued results in the future.